I can't understand, I have this project, this is better than that, why did I get hard rejected?help

Hi, it looks the same as many other projects. Nothing unique or original. So it was rejected.

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Don’t waste your time on envato!
You work hard for months and they reject you with just one word “Hard-rejected” with no reason !

Yes, some people definitely shouldn’t waste their time. But others, if they can meet the requirements and always changing needs and trends, then it’s a great opportunity. But you’re competing with the whole world’s designers, not just your city motion graphics market, so it will be hard and rough, and your months of work will get rejected and tossed into the bin. But if you can endure it and after all produce something really good that isn’t rejected - it can all be very worth the struggle :wink:

How can you produce a good product when you don’t know what is wrong with it?
Like shooting in the dark

Now that you are an expert in this field, can you please tell me what is the problem with this product?
this is not like the business cards you design in two days, this is my one year’s effort result!

You can always ask for feedback in the forums. But most of the time its either quality problems or lack of uniqueness or copy pasting existing ideas/projects or not providing enough value.

Another problem is people not having learned enough, or not having enough experience or not having analyzed the market and imagining that their work is amazing and unique. Until you learn to see where your work is not great, no one will ever hold your hand through every project and pin point what you need to fix. You need to learn this yourself with experience, seeing how others create their projects, how they think, what kind of quality standards they implement etc with and some help from others.

No project is 100% amazing. Anything and everything has flaws and can be better. But you can only get over this delusion with practise. Some never get over it and so never learn to see their mistakes or improve on them. Just post bad work here over and over again and moan about rejections.

This may be true for graphic design, but not for coding! There are thousands of factors involved in coding, and you can’t identify what is the reason for rejection, like finding a needle in a haystack.

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Yes of course. And Im no expert in coding and so cant critiqur your work too… But I guess its just more variables that can go wrong…

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