I can't sign in on elements

Hello, I want to subscribe to Envato Elements, but unfortunately, I can’t sign in. Elements give me some error messages like:
" Welcome!

Sorry, we weren’t able to sign you in using that link. You can try signing in again"

At the console, the error is:
“POST https://elements.envato.com/auth-api/sign-in 422 (Unprocessable Content)”

But I can sign in on other Envato sites usually.

Could someone help me?


Eduardo Menoncello

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Log out of your account, clear the browser cache ( cookies ) and try to login again

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The same thing occurs when login in to another browser or device.

Switch your internet ( WIFI / DATA ) and give another try on a new device

I tried:
Windows: Edge, Chrome, Firefox
Mac: Chrome, Safari, Firefox
IPhone (On data): Chrome, Safari

Try resetting the password.

Same issue

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You should contact Envato support.

have u fix this already?

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Same issue how can we solve it ?

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i am also suffering wit the same issue. please guide me if you solve this issue. thanks[.]

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Same issue :unamused:

“We could not sign you in. Please try again.”

Same problem I am getting. There is some issue. Please resolve. I was trying to make the failed payment, my old card did not get charged automatically.

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Support contact details?

I tried it but it is not sending any email to reset password.

When I tried using same info for login to forum, I was able to do that, but it did not work on elements.envato.com

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