I can't see what reviewer sees.

Hello to all.

Our WordPress theme is soft rejected again because of silly reasons. The problem is that I can’t detect any of these issues on my end. I tried to test it on all modern browsers and ipad, iphone, android etc and the text looks perfect. It’s Raleway regular and it uses in many other themes throughout the market.

Here is the comment from reviewer with screenshot:

2. Low content readability:

And here is how it looks on my devices:

After some researching I found that it’s a Chrome issue which was fixed about 3 years ago.
Here is the link for the bug - https://webmasters.stackexchange.com/questions/74672/rendering-of-raleway-google-web-fonts-in-google-chrome-browser

The other issue:

1. Images are stretched and blurry:

Again, here is how it looks in our demo:

The image size in our demo is 840x590 and it looks perfect on my 1920px display. Obviously, you can get blurry images here only if you upload low quality, low resolution images, so they will stretch. But it will happen in any theme.

Hope for some advises here.

Hi @DeoThemes,

  1. Have you tried to test your theme with Theme Unit Test? Sometimes there are places in our themes that behave unexpectedly and this test will help you find them (or at least understand what reviewer has seen on his side).

As per point 2 - I was in the same situation a while ago and had to change theme font entirely. Yes, font problem was solved years ago, but still…


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I suppose that your theme using custom thumbnail sizes. After activating your theme the new sizes for already uploaded thumbnails is not generating. So I think a reviewer simply did not rebuild thumbnails using plugin like “Ajax thumbnail rebuild” or original image simply has low quality.


Hi Luca. Thanks for your reply.
I understand that I can easily change that font. But basically reviewer is telling here: “You can’t use Raleway regular in your theme, because of my old browser” We designed our theme with this font in mind and our HTML was approved with it. I see many top seller themes on ThemeForest are using Raleway as well, so why we have to limit ourselves with this font. I guess the solution here might be: change font > get approve > change it back again, which is silly of course.

Hey kotofey. Thanks for your comment.
We use custom thumbnail size only for a small thumbs. In the hero slider it’s a full size image, which is 840px in our theme.

Full size = full size. I.e. if your image 1920x1080 then your slider will use this image. Or user need to upload slider image with 840 width?

I understand what full size means :slight_smile: Yes, the user have to upload the image 840px wide at least to avoid blurry images, but 500-600 also will look fine. So I wonder on what kind of image reviewer test theme? To see that blur the image must be something like 200px wide. Of course it will blur on any theme :slight_smile:

Check your theme code. Maybe you have a mistake in your code where you call for thumbnail image instead full image? Who know. If your code ok then submit theme again and give some explanations to reviewer. Also, try to run theme unit test as mentioned by @lucalogos

Double checked already, also other reviewers sent me screenshots with normal images. About unit test, I will definitely try this, but previous reviewers already sent me bugs found in unit test and I fixed it.

Then it’s reviewer fault. He used low-res images. Can you PM me reviewer name? Just curious.