i cant see the update option in my theme

Hi dear,

I have an issue with the plugin as well. after doing all steps well and creating my key and save changes, i cant see “update” button on my theme, why is that?
although the developer told me there is an update.

Hi @teeb1990 ,

Please check your purchased theme page and changelog to know the current version then compare your website version. Maybe you have the latest version in your website.


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how to do that please?

Simply go to your purchased theme page and at the bottom of the page, you will find changelog. Also if you check the right side you will see the Last update Date. Now go to your wp-admin theme page you will see the theme version. So, you can compare. Another simple solution posts a comment and ask about the latest version directly to the theme author. Thanks

Assuming it’s the Smarty theme you are using then it’s already up to date Changelog - Smarty Theme Documentation

hi dear thanks its working well now