I can't see my Progress bar


I am new here.I was uploaded Logo Template item 2 days ago and it still Queued for Review but i can’t see any progress bar icon.can you tell me why i can’t see progress bar like others?

I can see like this :slight_smile:

Please anyone tell me .
Also tell me how many time need to review for my Logo Templete?



hi i guess this is probably a technical problem and i think it should be a smart move to contact the help center ASAP , as for what u asked as regard to queuing, indeed , i have no idea for logos, for flyers it takes about 5 days normally and when it comes to fonts this is 15 days according to what a guy told in the forums so i guess u will have to wait a bit, probably around 5 days , please ask some u know from the same category, i will try to investigate with a friend of mine lol


Thank you so much for your effort to help me n2n44…THANKS


There is no progress bar - they removed it on 1-2 years ago


Thanks Muse-Master,that mean my review progress going right way?


u are welcome , my pleasure :slight_smile: GL


that was one of the saddest news ever here by the way , when the great deal of us found this extremely useful and even indispensable … they preferred introducing less useful things and withdraw this one which was definitely necessary, i guess it has to do with the fact they did not want people to complain about queuing time, but it doesn’t change anything this has even probably got even worst because people cannot plan their uploads as they used to do before and this is not convenient at all for all authors indeed …


@ n2n44 " i need your help.hope you will do.I am new here and i want to work here as a Logo Template Designer and i was uploaded 3 logo template and they are rejected.i don’t know why.i think i can’t prepare all file exactly and i don’t know what is help file and information file properly and also i don’t know how can write description right way.so i need your help if you have any Logo Template main file,can you give me that that i can clear about all files then i can follow all instruction right way.

please help me,ANYONE HAVE?


hi buddy indeed , as for i know , there aren’t hard rejections for files they feel interested in , even if u fail to prepare them the right way , they will more likely soft reject and explain what to do rather than hard rejecting and lose the item … especially for someone who is new i might add as they can identify that some people may need sone little time to adapt to the way to do … for me the real problem is rather that u are trying to get inside a category in which there are tons of items and authors and in which they reject a lot of things. Besides , judging by what i could personally witness sometimes even experts from the category cannot identify at all why an item is rejected in sone cases , that happened to me on two separated occasions and even with some item which was pretty unique to say the least , that i submitted to a friend of mine who is top author and expert in logos and who failed to understand how my work turned out to be hard rejected when some flatter ones were accepted daily according to his own words … . I think that unless u show something so that i can help all i can tell u is general tip and all i can say is that. Here the main focus is about typo and typo combinations, that general hierarchy and the way the logo looks in tiny size as they are the main things here as for i know … now with the part of “art” in what we do we can never make sure that a rejection is due to personal tastes or supposed potential of the item in the market , when let’s face it , no one has never known anything about it , since sales are very unpredictable and most importantly very often not related to the real quality of the item but rather to how this is promoted indeed


I can share my file via mail that you can give me suggestion what is my fault and what i need improvement?That will be very helpful for me.please…brother.

if you agree then i will sent you my mail.i am waiting for your help.

thanks for your all support and help


u can also post here buddy this way u can have more than one point of view … which maybe either beneficial or confusing however … lol as i assume that u will get as many suggestions as guys answering lol


this logo hard rejected,what wrong with the design anyone tell me?


hi for me this is rather nice . the thing, i think, is that probably have small things to say about what u have done, as regard to the positioning of the tagline, as regard to some elements probably being a bit too small when u consider the logo in very small size and maybe when it comes to the fact that there is no really punchy colors or relief , these sorts of things …