i cant see any thing in my portfolio

I have uploaded an after effects project yesterday
Now i can’t see it in processing items at the right menu
And there is nothing in my portfolio
No massage received
What happened to it?

Hello @osvehgraphic

It probably got hard rejected. Here’s how the process works:

  1. You submit the item → it appears on your Dashboard as being under review.

Then, there are three possibilities:

  1. The item is accepted → it appears in your portfolio
  2. The item is soft rejected → it appears in the Hidden Items Tab
  3. The item is hard rejected → it disappears

If you want to receive emails with the submission result, you must go into Settings → Email Settings and enable the Email notifications box.

i uploaded it again and enabled Email in settings
Now if it hard reject again, will they tell me the reason within a new Email?

You cannot download the same item 2 times. You can get banned. I recommend canceling your submission so you don’t get banned. Your project was 100% rejected, otherwise it would appear in your portfolio.
If you are interested in the reason for the rejection, you can post a preview of your rejected item here, and other forum members will point you to your mistakes

watch it please and tell me what’s wrong with that

Sorry, but this is hundreds of miles from quality standards. I don’t even know where to start.

Everything is bad:

  • bad color gamma
  • bad font
  • unpleasant strong flicker
  • dirty shadows of super outdated “bevel” effect
  • forms of graphic elements
  • the photo is too small, and at the same time there is a huge amount of empty background, which is not rational
  • lack of any commercial potential

Forgive me for writing this, but if you do not see all these mistakes, then you are not yet ready to sell in this market. I recommend that you start learning the basics of design from scratch.

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this was the best i’ve ever heard
a necessary spark that moved me again

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