I can't report comments anymore !

you finally found someone that understand sql in your team ?


Just busy,busy developers. And we’ve had to schedule according to the higher priority stuff.

Those comments may be from spammers, scammer, unfair competitors…so it really authors’ sale directly and Envato revenue indirectly.
If there is anything more important than revenue of both authors & Envato and your team is on top priority for that then it OK, No problem, just take your time. We are all busy to take care of our own problems.
Spammers, seeders, scammers are everywhere and we are just sad that top brainers in the Top Website marketplace cannot prevent them from having very fun time on Envato comment for yearsss…


Without the customers no one will make money, not the authors and definitely not the marketplace, this is something very important and I don’t think they should rush over it. For all I know, this might be valid comments that authors want to get rid of, I have seen valid concerns in the comment section only to come back the next day, it placed under review or completely gone. Take your time and if possible read through every single comment before deleting them no matter how long it takes. This is good for business and it’s good for everyone. With that said, Customers should be the priority.