I can't register product (API error)

Hello! I’ve recently bought diamond theme, but i can’t activate it in Wordpress. When i paste purchase code and click “Activate” i got error “Envato API Connection error”. Can you assist with this?

Most likely Envato API was down (it happens often and continues for several minutes). I’d suggest you to try again within next several minutes.

Thanks for answer!

But i’m trying all day long, every 20 minutes, and get this error every time i try to activate theme.
Is there any way to check this error message in log-file? Maybe i have problem at hosting provider side?

Thanks in advance.

Your best shot is to contact item’s author then, he will be able to assist you on this.

Thank you phpmillion, i’ve contacted g3themes support team and they helped me and fixed api error. I am happy now.
Have a nice day.

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