I cant pay with any credit card. I cant subscribe envato elements. Cant contact with support team

I have problem with envato elements. I need some files on elements but cant subscribe for a week. I wait and wait… But cant subscribe.

I tried to pay with payoneer credit card and failed.

I tried to pay with my local bank’s credit card and failed and went 3 euros from my bank account and I didnt subscribe.

I tried with paypal, it drew 3-4 dollars and failed too… I tried 3-4 times and everytime it took money frlm my account.

what must I do now? I need files but can not subscribe… I write to support team but cant receive any help. Really disappointed. I am an envato author. I sell items also I bought on codecanyon 3-4 files before but I didnt have any problem before. But now, I cant pay to subscribe to elements. What can I do? I know envato is a big company and solves problems but now really bored of this. I am waiting for a week. I need these files as soon as possible.
Why support team şsnt replying my mails? And solves problems?


Hey there, please open an Elements Help Ticket. They will be happy to look into it for you. Thanks!

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I am waiting them for a couple of days to reply… But cant receive a reply…