I can't open a ticket for Visual Composer

I purchased a Visual composer license + 12 months of support and when I want to open a ticket it tells me that I have no purchased product. I can’t use Visual composer, I can’t open a support request, now I’m asking here how to solve this problem.



please post a comments that you are facing issues. and try to send them email and send them purchase code they will assist you. Also you can use contact form from the plugin author profile page right sidebar contact form.


I tried to send an email, but the SmartDataSoft authors are not responding! I cannot access the ticket area because there is no purchased package, when Visual composer + 1 year of support was purchased. My control panel informs me that I have a regular license. How do I contact the author of Visual Composer Prestashop ??
I cannot open a tiket because there is no purchase, they do not respond to help requests, they are completely on the high seas!

Have you tried using the purchase code into their support system to open a ticket!

purchased item purchase code:

you can post a comments here and let them know what issues are you facing:

Hope they will guide you how to open a support ticket into their support system.


I try to better explain what happens, to avoid being assessed incompetent:

access to support

Although there is no purchased license, I proceeded to insert the purchase code and added, the following error appears. DOES NOT RECOGNIZE THE LICENSE!

I hope I have demonstrated the problem correctly.


as I have mentioned in my reply please use the commnets option to let the author know. author will guide you to fix the issues. Thanks

To date, I have not been able to contact anyone so that I can open a support ticket, considering that I have a 12 month subscription! 2 months have passed and nobody helped me. Yesterday I opened a paypal dispute, explaining the problem and they blocked my Envado account! It can’t get worse than this.
I have a problem with visualcomposer for 2 months paid 86 $ and I can’t use it, this is really sad.

after 10 minutes that I opened the dispute on paypal they blocked my account, when it comes to losing money it is quick to get alive!


The problem I have is the following:

after the prestashop update the editor icons have become squares, see attachment

I can no longer access my account because you blocked my account!

two months have passed and the author has never answered my question. This is an unfair service, considering that I paid 12 months of support, plus you blocked my account because I opened a paypal dispute!
I am very disappointed with your service and your developers, we also had Covid in Italy, and this does not give the right to remain absent.

now you have put my messages in moderation too!

I paid for 12 months, the license is not recognized, I open a paypal dispute and you block my account, the only way to write was the forum, now you have blocked the forum too!

I ask to resolve it

it can’t get worse than this!

I also contacted these emails: support@smartdatasoft.com with this useless answer:

Levi (Market)


Jun 2, 2020, 6:52:37 PM GMT+10

Hello Stefano,

Thank you for reaching out and I hope you’re doing well. My name is Levi, from Envato Customer Success Team.

We sincerely apologize for the late response as we are affected by the global crisis that we are facing right now which also affects our response time.

It appears that your account is currently locked due to an active dispute with PayPal. Please note that if you open a dispute or file a chargeback, your Envato account will be automatically disabled as a security measure and you will not have access to it until it’s resolved.

Please be informed that we do not have access to the author’s support website. However, if it’s showing that you have no purchase item, there is a possibility that you signed in using a different account.

If you go to their support website https://support.smartdatasoft.com/?envato_item_id=11336599. The first page you’ll see is this:



Your last post you mentioned you got a reply and I can see that reply from envato support team and requested you to contact item author.

I have requested you to contact the item author by posting comments here (as you can’t use their support forum):

Also I can see envato customer support team has given you suggestions to contcat the item author. Item related issues need to fix through author support. If author deny to assist you then you can contact envato customer success support.

I can see any single comments in the above given item commnets page. please post commnets and let them know. author will reply your comments in the comments page.


Now it is not possible to contact the author, as I have a blocked account.
I have been trying to contact the author, the envado service for two months, but I don’t get results.

I also wrote to paypal, and I have no answers even through paypal messaging.

Nobody who can verify my account, this is not credible! and absurd! an endless story, I can only do bad publicity to web agencies