I can't login for downloading free items


When I click on a free item, I’m redirected to another tab and there I can’t login. I’ve changed my password a couple of times but nothing, still not working.

Can you please check it out?


you have facing problem on which item ?
here is good you can try with other browser.

logged in first then try to download the free item. if in the free item page not showing you logged in then just refresh the page (f5) hope it will fix the logged in issues.

otherwise click ‘Sign in to download it for free!’ button it will turned logged in if you already logged in envato market.

Thanks for your suggestions.

Unfortunately, I’ve tried a couple of items and all of them with the same issue. I’ve tried Chrome and Firefox with the same results.

When clicking in the Sign in to download it for free is not letting me login in (even if I was already logged to envato market). I’ve also tried to refresh the page after logged to envato market but when I click on a new item, I’m kicked out.

Any idea why?


Open a Envato Market Help Ticket they would like to assist you.

Thanks, I’ll do it now.