I cant login elements.envato

We’re having some problems logging you in.
Please contact customer support for help’

I cant login, How to login?
Can someone please help me with this problem?
I have tried sending a ticket but there has been no response


Assuming you have open ticket at Elements Support. please keep patience hope Support team will reply you soon.


I have sent the second ticket to Elements Support
hopefully it’s finished soon
because I really need it


Thanks for your patience hope you will get reply soon. to reduce ticket volume and avg reply time please don’t create more ticket for one issues. Thanks

Okay, I will wait until I can login
I hope that as soon as possible, I have an urgent job.


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now I can’t open anything, what’s this?

Hello @rasulovzero,

At here(Envato Forum) We can’t do anything in that issue! you have to wait Envato Elements Customer Success Reply.Keep patience for their reply hope your issue will be solved.
Hope you understand.


is there good news?

I have paid, but I have not received the service at all. very sad

Hey @rasulovzero,

As a author do you have nay problem? just open a Envato Element Author Help Ticket they would like to assist you with an official answer.


I have sent tickets twice, and I have reported that my account cannot login to element.envanto.
Please see my conversation above.

At here(Envato Forum) we can’t do anything its Envato Customer Success Responsibility.
You have to wait for their reply.