I can't log in with my Premium account

Hello Community,

My name is Pau. I’ll tell you my current problem, to see if we can solve it together:

To begin with, this is a secondary account that I have made for myself to be able to tell you about the problem and recover my original account (pawluna).

I can’t log in with the original account, with which I am Premium (I pay the $174 subscription), because I no longer have access to the email with which I created the account. So, to log in it asks me for a code that I can’t access.

I remember that I tried to change it also from Envato Settings but there was no way, as it made me confirm it from the email to which I don’t have access.

Can you think of a solution?

Thank you very much.

P.S. This is the notification that I receive that does not allow me to log in (the “another device” thing is not true, but ok):

Verification required

We need you to verify your identity before you sign in. This may be because you are signing in from a new location or from a different device.

We have emailed a passcode. Please check your email and enter the passcode below.