I cant install unicon theme

I purchased unicorn premium wordpress theme. I have tried to install it but i cant upload the theme. Why must i pay extra to upload it? That is BS. Can anyone please help

Whats the issue when you try upload it?

Missing stylesheet?

Are you sure your using the right file? Go to your downloads page >> (assuming you are logged in) http://themeforest.net/downloads >> click download and choose ‘Installable WordPress Files Only’

i did do that. And it didnt work.

Every time it goes to 99% and then it goes to a new page - “wordpress failute notice”.

Have you tried doing via FTP? (unzip theme zip folder and use that folder).

no idea how to do that

Maybe ask the author http://themeforest.net/item/unicon-designdriven-multipurpose-theme/10648488/support - depending who you are hosting your site with it is pretty straight forward bu they will know the theme better than anyone and how best to get it works.

For what it is worth we have and use that theme and it is very reliable so sure it should be easy to get working for you.

Thanks I have managed to install it. For the slider revolution do i have to buy this seperately to put in the activation code?

I thought this was part of the package

I have already tried to paste the item purchase code but it doesnt seem to work

It is part of the package.

When you install the theme you should be prompted to install certain plugins including visual composer. contact form 7 and rev slider.

the purchase code you have is for the them not the plugin as it is bundled so you do not get the stand alone copy


i tried the purchase code but it doesnt seem to work

please help

When you installed the theme did you not get the prompt to install plugins?

i did and i did intsall them. But it is asking me for a code to activate it in the plugin (even afterr it has been activated). I have to register it.

That looks like it is installed and fine - you can see the slider, import etc options.

The activation is probably just for auto updates etc. It should still work fine without completing that process.

Assuming you had these installed - you can either create new sliders (if you want them to show up on home pages etc. then you need to set the home page so show the right slider) or import the dummy content for the theme (with plugins active) which will add the sliders from the demo

but i cant install the free ones

That’s really a question to ask the author.

It looks like in the documentation that you just have to use the dummy install in the theme options (having installed the plugin) and that will add it.

Likely you need to assign this to the home page and it may well not include the images themselves as they are stock and the author probably does not own the copyright to distribute them.

Did you activate the slider and then install the dummy content? are there sliders imported? Have you read the documentation which has a great video about how to set up sliders?