I can't have approval from Envato - Flyer Article


Maybe it’s a simple query for some but I’m new to Envato and I can’t solve it.

I had problems uploading Template from Flyer to Graphicriver.
On two occasions, with two different files, Envato rejects my articles for not complying with quality standards.

I follow the advice step by step but I don’t get approval. They are articles in PSD format, well organized in layers, includes smart objects and vector shapes.

I would be grateful if anyone could give me all the guidelines to follow so that my articles were approved.

Thank you very much in advance,

hi Thomas, pls show us rejected items so that we can help u …


Thank you very much for your prompt response!

Attached images of the article. Do you need anything else?

hi Thomas, wel indeed i like the general atmosphere of what u have done indeed , the colors , the originality in the lay out and the effects with the blue but the thing is that , to be honest with u there is much to do as regard to the typo, the hierarchy of information and also the contrast of certain texts to a certain extent … u have a big alignment issue too … not to mention the preview without the used picture , obviously is not as cool as the result with it … but to be honest for this this is true for all flyers in a general way but in particular with yours as the used pitcture has an impact of the global tone of the template

  1. alignment
    there is a choice for u to do indeed … either u center it all and thus move the central title on the left until all is aligned in the middle or u need to find a different way to organize all the other texts , but, as such , this is simply not working

  2. spacing
    make sure that u have the same spaces between titles and additional related information from one block to another …at this stage it looks a bit randomly organized as spaces vary too much

  3. contrast
    make sure that all texts, and in particular for titles, that they are contrasting with the background and thus choose colors according to readability and for things to pop out …

  4. hierarchy
    think about what matters the most in this case , according to the structure that u have dj names matter much … but they are in very thin character and are not outstanding, i does not really make sense indeed …

  5. text orientation
    reviewers seem to like it but placing texts in the sideways is something that can be discussed … think about it, does it really make sense to put some potentially interesting information there , when it would imply that people have to turn the flyer around to e able to see them once the template printed?

  6. repetition
    this is a basic design principe and in fact this is good but i think at this stage u have reached the point where this is definitely too much if u wish … u have to at least tale one of the brushes if u ask me … the date one , in addition putting them in all directions tends to make the flyer a bit less organized visually speaking

  7. typo
    the all footer is rather flat in my view in terms typo, i think it would be welcome that u just introduce some originality and more combinations, it will help to emphasize texts and make the global design look more worked out

Thank you very much for the dedication!

I appreciate that you have taken the time to do an analysis in each sector of the design.

I will take your advice to make the necessary modifications.

Again thank you very much!


u are welcome Thomas , if u feel like i gave u enough keys to improve your item u can check the “solution box” good luck for your modifications :slight_smile: