I can't find a video that I only saved the preview link for

Help! I cannot find the video that my boss selected. Unfortunately, I only saved the video preview link (https://video-previews.elements.envatousercontent.com/h264-video-previews/1d517260-37b2-4be0-abd7-6b7df0f3c419/1270218.mp4). I have entered so many key word variations and researched through pages and pages (and pages) of videos, but still cannot locate it. When i download the video, the file name is 1270218, but i cannot search the Envato Elements site using this number - nothing comes up. Please help! I have spent over 2 hours just searching for it, and I’m running against a deadline. Does anyone know how i can find the video either through the preview link or the download file number? :frowning:

Clarification: when i downloaded the “Preview” video the file number is 1270218…

Here you go:

I definitely recommend adding items to collections in the future as it can be tricky to track these down from their preview files.

THANK YOU SO MUCH!!! Yes, I will definitely add to my collections going forward. Lesson learned :smile: Have a fabulous weekend!

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Hi there, I am having trouble tracking down some videos as well. How did you find this video?