I can't figure out what is wrong with this one

My song was rejected, I already asked in the “Feedback 4 rejections” post, but did not get much atention.


I consider this a solid piece, interesting and mixed properly. Normally I accept when a get a rejection, but this time I truly do not understand why.

Any idea?

Thanks a lot

I said my opinion, but apparently it did not suit you…
They can’t help you because there’s no “claps” on your track… :rofl:

Nice private joke :slight_smile:

It is a reality)

Well, the composition is not bad at all!
But listening to similar tracks on AJ … and you’ll immediately see that more work is needed…

I have the feeling the sound is a bit too “dry” to my taste, and it lacks something, maybe bass I don’t know, and I have the feeling there is not enough “glue” between the different instruments.

To be honest: I would be totally unable to produce this kind of music anyway :wink:

I know what this track "Browser games"was written for. I’ve seen these tracks and they sound exactly like this.

Hahaha well I apreciate your “try somewhere else” comment, but I expected something more specific, I just want to know more about the reviewers criteria. Thanks any way, I will add some claps and ukelele, it should fix it XD

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The composition is great! The only thing I’d say is some of the instruments are a little too synthetic sounding.

I think if you swap out the sound for some more realistic instrument sounds it’d be much more authentic.

(I’m guessing the track you submitted didn’t cut off like the one on Soundcloud)

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Thanks a lot for your comment. You are right, there are a couple of sounds with a very poor quality, ill raplace them. The track I submitted did cut off like the one on Soundcloud, becouse its a looped track

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No problem, hopefully it helps!

Oh I see, I’ve never made a looped track but I understand it’s aimed at something like a game scene that loops.

Is it possible that the loop is meant to be seamless so you don’t notice it stop and start? Again, not my area of expertise.

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I can’t say if it was the reason for rejection, but like you and someone else said, it might be due to some of the instruments employed. Better orchestral samples would help a lot. :slight_smile:

Ps: Black Friday is in two months, always a good time to find some great vsti deals. :wink:

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in my humble option and short-term experience in AJ, the track has definitely a good skill in music and orchestration, but two things I have to say:

  1. the sample libraries you are using are dragging the track quality down, If you want to submit orchestral, you better invest in high-quality orchestral libraries, I cannot imagine somebody will buy the best symphony in the world if it was played using such ugly sounding library.

  2. As for your composition, this is NOT the kind of compositions that AJ approves, AJ approves simpler commercial structures, the track must have a clear commercial purpose, as for your track I cannot tell is this meant for a film, game, trailer? or are you just making orchestral art! here in AJ the music must fit a video, not the other way around.
    I read your frustration, we all been there, my advice is not to get emotionally too attached to your work, just make something nice and simple, and through it in the ocean… and forget about it, then work on your next one :slight_smile:

Hope this help.

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