i can't buy "newsmag_travel"


how to buy “newsmag_travel”, https://demo.tagdiv.com/newsmag_travel/?

By klicking on “buy now” i got this page: https://themeforest.net/item/newsmag-news-magazine-newspaper/9512331

But that’s not what i want…

Could you help?

kind regards



you can try with this payment method

If there still problem then Open a Envato Help Ticket


Travel (first link) is just a demo of the main theme - the one you see when you click buy now is correct and then you just use the travel demo (assuming that is included) or construct as you require

I am trying to clearfy the fact.
By klicking on “buy now” it will take you in the themforest Item page. In that page if you click ‘Live Preview’ button it will take you to the theme preview page. Then click on ‘Demo’ menu, it will take you all demos section. there you will find a demo named ‘TRAVEL NEWS’ click on that it will take you the demo page you refered. It means all of demos or especially your chosen ‘TRAVEL NEWS’ demo you can be able to import.