I can't buy careerfy theme, my account is locked ''Help''

I am trying to buy wordpress careerfy theme with master card but it gives error warning ‘’ envato It looks like you’re currently locked out of your account. You’ll need to contact our support team to unlock it.‘’ I emailed the support team but they said they can’t unlock my account. I opened a new account for my brother who lives in another city, he wanted to buy the theme from his own account with his own credit card, but we faced the same problem, your account is locked.

I am sorry, but only support team can help you with that. Everyone else here replying would be authors or forum moderators or those who are in charge of this forum and relations with authors. If support team denied to unlock, then there’s a reason for that and only with them you can clarify why exactly. Usually they do that when there’s some suspicious activity on that account, but as I mentioned, only they can explain why account is locked.

Thanks for your reply, but we opened 3 different accounts, tried from different cities and with different cards, always the same problem. The support team does not explain what the problem is. I have been sending an e-mail for 2 days. i need theme for my project and i can’t buy it.

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They don’t work on weekend and support team will respond once they get to that ticket again. Just don’t reply on that same email further as that will send ticket back end of the line in their ticket system. I am sorry you didn’t get explanation right away, but only they know what actually happened.