I cannot verify a client

Hello, we have a client that purchased one of out HTML files yesterday and he says that the HTML file was not in the download pack…That is not true because I checked it out and it is there, but he wants us to send the file via email because he was locked out of his account shortly after purchasing our template. In his mail I can see that he has purchased the item: Date purchased: 17/06/2017
Support Entitlement: Support ends 16/12/2017

But because his account is locked I cannot verify it. What should I do? I don’t want to contact support because it will take days to answer and the client need the product asap.

Personally, I would make the client wait until it is resolved with support (their end not yours).

I understand that you want them to be a happy buyer but irrelevant of their emails there could be more to it i.e. how do you know they did not reverse the payment and that’s why the account is blocked?

It’s also pretty rare for elements to not be in the download esp. if you have checked it is there. This would raise suspicion - have they shared a screenshot or copy of what they downloaded?

Envato are quite clear on what the buyer should be doing Locked accounts - Read first

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