I cannot get any support with Eduma theme from ThimPress

I purchased Eduma them from ThimPress. After installation I realized that the site theme has mixed languages in the buttons: when I preview the site, half of it is in English, and half in Russian. I have not changed any language setting no done any site translation! I has appeared by itself. I contacted ThimPress support on August 21, but as of today (August 27) this issue has not been solved. The assistant doesn’t seem to understand well enough English ans was not able to solve the problem. I also sent 2 emails to ThimPress, however, I have not received any response. Please advise, how can I get the support, which was promised at the time of the purchase. This theme obviously has lots of glitches, and has not been tested proper before selling.

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Do you need the website in Russian or in English?

I need it in English, but some site parts appear un Russian. I have no idea why it is happening.

Did you install the WordPress in Russian as default?