I cannot find Composer in my theme

I bought Bridge-Qode theme from Envato, and according the guide WPBakery Page Builder plugin is included in the theme.

But I cannot find it!!!

In the zip file of the theme, it doesn’t exist.
In “Install Request Plugin” it doesn’t exist too!

I tryed to use the other composer “PageLayer” but it doesn’t work. I drag the block and it doesn’t drop anything.

Why? How can I find it?
Thank you in advance.

Check the documentation and how to set the theme up - this will include loading required plugins

Unfortunately it’s not so easy: in the list “install plugin” (pre-package plugin and external source plugin) this plugin doesn’t exist.
Look at this image, so it’s to easy understand:


How did you install all of those sliders? We’re they other required plugins?

Without access to the admin probably the easiest solution is to reach out to the author


If the theme described that WPBakery plugin included in the theme then I am sure to get that plugin and amy be some other plugins you will get when you will install theme then the theme will recommend for necessary plugins to install. You have to follow the recommendation plugins and you will be able to install the plugin from the author resources repository. But most cases customer have to activate theme license to get those recommend plugins.

So, please check theme documentation. I hope you will get all necessary guideline how to install theme, plugins and all other things.


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In your screenshots I can see the plugin exist.
js_composer.zip is the WPBakery Page Builder plugin which you will need to install.

Hope now you understand. Thanks