I cannot belive what just happened to me


I was working on the song, for days…DAYS, alot of DAYS!
Im working in FL Studio 9 and i use alot of VST plugins and instruments and when i tryed to export WAV to do a mastering - BOOM! Blue screen of death! Twice in a row after restarting and opening the project again…And after two failures my project WON’T LOAD! Says “Project corrupted” …I tryed to open all other projects, working just fine and this one NOPE…Days of hard work to make REALLY QUALITY track, alot of mixing, listening, mixing again, listening again etc…
Im really down…Very down…If anyone has the similar expiriance please help…I need to recover that project because i just can’t make it like this or even similar to this.


Sorry to hear such story. It happened to me few times, until i decided to set up auto save feature of Sonar Platinum to every 3 minutes.


I cannot belive why this never happened to other projects…Why this one? Why when i give my best!


Sorry to hear this! Was it a midi-only project or audio? Maybe you could share the file with someone else using FL Studio to see if they are able to open it? It probably won’t, but its worth trying.


So sorry to hear that! It happened to me a few times, and I know how bummed out you must be :disappointed:
You’ll get past this though, and will make more killer tracks! :slight_smile:


Maybe there is a software that will fix corrupted files. I know you can recover a deleted file, why not and recover… try to talk with Google.


What about auto saved projects? Try the most recent one in data/backup folder! It should not be corrupted. If it helps, try to render all your vst audio to WAV, prior to rendering the whole song again. Some plugin may cause this.


I am not familiar with FL Studio but did you check the automatic saves? Using Google I found that FL does autosaves of your current project so it should be there.


Sorry to hear that!

Send a project to Image-Line and explain the situation briefly and kindly. Maybe they will try to recover it somehow. I’m telling this because i’ve had similar situation in Ableton Live and they restored the corrupted project for me.

I hope you can sort this out.


Seems like some plugin is making this “bug” .Something that i must figure out…There are TONS of plugins that i have to move and replace to see what is the problem.


By the way I had a similar story, when I opened my beloved project and…it was BLANK.:slight_smile: No instruments, no plugins, no playlist, just empty. My eyes were bigger than my head. But backup folder helped me.


check this out


I tryed with some program that “Imagine Line” created in order to recover those files…But without success.


maybe because of the plugin you used.
If you want I can try to open with fl studio 12 that I have, maybe is going to work …


I tryed opening with FL 12 and also tryed moving project to another computer but no sucess…I will figure out what is going on and i will not give up on this one for sure…
I was searching for hours on forums there are some ways but those ways are so hard way and hard to understand…It’s programmers thing.


Found this but barely understand it : http://ocremix.org/community/topic/3458-corrupt-fl-file-no-problem-only-for-damaged-headers/


I will ask again - did you check the autosave?


There is no autosave option in FL 9 :frowning:


When I google it I see this http://www.image-line.com/documents/news.php?entry_id=1285020896


That folder and options does not appear in my version.