I can use Meme generator in my website

I don’t know anything to do with it’s setting, i buy, installed and active it but notthing happen to my website, plz help me, i can’t even create a meme or post it in my website

Did you fixed this ? I also want to put a meme generator in my website, but I need someone to guide me a little bit…

Using a meme generator on your website is a really good move to do. If I have had a website, I would definitely put there a meme generator. For example, take a look at these 40 memes about android versus iphone memes woahtech.com . These were created by a meme generator. And these memes area really funny and made me laugh a lot. Every day I see more than 40 memes and these memes made my day a lot happier. I love to see good memes and these are really good ones. In general, there are a lot of good articles that you should see.