I can´t find a wordpress template in my account

We have acquired a license to access all resources from Envato through Envato Elements. Last week, I searched for the WordPress template named “Larson Architecture” (link: Larson - Architecture WordPress Theme by bslthemes | ThemeForest) but couldn’t find it for download. The only available option is to pay and download it through the provided link. I understand that it should be available on Elements, as it is already there in HTML format. Please inform me on how to proceed. Thank you, Douglas (Seeds Design).

The theme ( link ) you’re sharing is from ThemeForest, not from Elements. You will need to purchase from ThemeForest for the WordPress version but you can get the HTML version from Elements.

“Thank you, Ki-Themes. But when the subscription is acquired, it offers access to all themes. And there are other themes that are not part of Envato but are available on ThemeForest in WordPress. This one is not.”

Subscription is for Envato Elements which is separate from the main marketplaces like Themeforest.

Some items are available on both and some are exclusive to just one or the other