i can protect my item in envato with password Avoid scams <author fee reversal>

i can protect my item in envato with password Avoid scams
Can I do this
I protect the item with a password
I give it to envato
After confirming the fraud, they deliver the password to the client
It downloads a zip file

No you can’t do this

The closest thing would be to restrict certain features or functionality behind a registration using envato purchase codes

Besides it wouldn’t stop the problem -

  1. buyer buys the item
  2. gets password to unlock the item
  3. then submits a reversal or refund claim

Don’t forget envato can’t stop reversals - it’s between the buyer and the bank

I feel very frustrated
But since Envato is a company and works with these banks, that is, there is some type of contract to protect sellers
Envato informs the buyer of the type of tax and also the price

Envato do all they can by blocking access to buyer accounts when reversals are made.

Granted they may have already downloaded the item but at least it prevent them getting future updates etc.

Of course it’s not right but it is an unfortunate downside to almost every stock marketplace

In reality the % of times it happens is very small compared to positive purchases - it’s just that only negative ones cause people to talk about it

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