I can not use Paypal balance

Hello everyone
When I wanted to subscribe to envato elements with PayPal, Inside Paypal dialog window, I had only the option to pay with a card, although I have a PayPal balance and It’s already the preferred way to pay!!
I always have the other option with other websites to pay, but not with envato!!
Can you plz help?

Will be because elements is a subscription and not a one off payment.

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It should still use your balance first (at least it does for me – I use PayPal for my subscription too), but PayPal will force you to choose a real funding source just in case you don’t have enough balance when it renews.

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Thank you Charlie
Do you know what is the reason for that?
and can we overcome this issue somehow?

Are per @baileyherbert explanation - PayPal don’t allow it because balance is a finite amount of money where as a subscription checks that more
Money can be paid after the balance is used up.

Again as @baileyherbert said - the balance should be used to cover the first (or more bependong how much you have) payments, but PayPal still needs to confirm the subscription status for when that ends

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