I can not unload the project

Error on the site and in FTP.
Work in progress? Or what’s the problem?



Thanks for asking your question at Envato forum.

A step-by-step guide to the upload process

You can Try with FTP Upload Process

Or Open a Author Help ticket they would like to assist you.
Envato Market Author Help Center: Here


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Sorry, but the problem did not dare (

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Envato Market Author Help Center: Here

What is the size of your ZIP file? If it is more than 500MB, it’s better to upload it through any ftp server

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280 mb/

Does not work with FTP.

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Cannot login

Inside is a big video tutorial (250mb). There is a problem in it. Now I do instead of video PDF. If the unloading problem is not resolved…

I do not think that the problem is in size. 280 mb is not too much. I think you still need to contact support…

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Кстати 250мб както много для видеоурока. Не совсем по теме, просто совет: я всегда пережимаю готовый видеоурок через Camtasia 8. Качество довольно таки не плохое, и видео на 5-7 минут занимает всего лишь 15-20 мб. Рекомендую :slight_smile:

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Вот спасибо большое за совет.

I made a lesson in pdf. And unloaded the template. I hope this error does not happen again.