I can not open a support-ticket althow i renewd support

Hi Envato team,

i renewd my support for the item 64233654 ultimate-membership-pro plugin to open a ticket for support. Now there is written: " 6 months (15 Dec 2023) of support remaining."
But unfortunately the purchase code in the download section is still the old one.
So that i still can not open a ticket. Every time i try the ticketform says “the code has epired”.
Ofcause allready i contacted the autor. He told me that you/ envat only can solve this problem.

What can I or You do?

Nice regards.

You can contact envato BUT that seems like it should entirely be with the author - extending support doesn’t change the purchase code itself

Envato Market Help and Support

Just send the invoice to the author related to the purchase ( support ) or just post the “comments” section of the item. Your support period should be valid/active and you should have a badge. ( then ask the author to help you )

From a technical perspective, the author is likely caching the support expiration time to avoid spamming the Envato API. I’d say give it another try after an hour or so.

ok. thank u for the link!

it’s been 5 days

Very interesting. Can you share a link to the item, and also to the page where you’re trying to open a ticket? Envato will likely take quite some time to respond for this one, especially if you do see “6 months remaining” on the website.

Item/ plugin: Ultimate Membership Pro - WordPress Membership Plugin by azzaroco | CodeCanyon

Thanks, everything checks out there.

I see your recent comment on the item. The author claims “we have not found any wrong or outdated purchase code so far,” but this is actually not true.

I see someone else in the item’s comments complaining about the same issue a couple months ago. The author didn’t post a public response to that one, which is a bit worrying.

I’ll invite @azzaroco here to take a look just in case.

I would suggest following up in comments again. The author can actually see whether or not you have a valid support subscription directly above your comment. If they see you have a valid support period, and their system is telling you otherwise, then it’s fair to say their system is wrong. :sweat_smile:

Other than that, you can wait for Envato. They’ll likely end up pressuring the author after some back and forth, if they don’t see any issues with the purchase code (it would be very surprising if they did).