I can not load the News Preview template on wordpress

I bought a template and tried to load it on wordpress using the automatic installer tool to load the zip file. Setup failed because wordpress said the style sheet.css is missing.
I unpacked the zip and uploaded files via filezilla to wp-Content-themes, but I did not see the template or link for activating it.
I wonder how do I proceed?
Thanks in advance for who will respond

Hi @FortunatoVadala,

Welcome to the forums! Are you sure you have uploaded correct files? If it was a ZIP file, then you should extract it using your cPanel, so that you are left with a theme directory.

Also don’t get discouraged by the “stylesheet.css missing” error, it’s quite common:


When you say “template” - Are you sure it’s a WP theme and not a HTML template?

In my download page. There is no option Istallable Wordpress file only, but

  1. All File & documentation
  2. License code & Purchase Code (PDF)
  3. License code & Purchase Code (text)
    What can I do?

Sounds like it is an HTML template to me and not a WP theme?

What’s the item link?

I dont’know, :-). I bought a product and I would like to be able to use it

If it is a HTML template then you will still be able to use it by editing that various HTML files and graphics, although this will mean editing the code, as it will not work using WordPress unless it was a theme from that category.

Based on the contents available to download it does sound like this is not a WP theme but without the exact item link it’s difficult to check that or if a WP version may exist separately

I bought this and followed the instructions.

I bought this and followed the instructions

Sounds like @charlie4282 is right, you won’t be able to install purchased item on your WordPress, since it’s a HTML template:

There should be instructions however that will help you installing and using the template.


Unpacked the package and installed on worpress how do I enable it?

Anyway I do not have html skills to install this product. Do you give me the instructions?
Why do not I see the option to install only the files for wordpress on the download page?

You don’t see that option because https://themeforest.net/item/news/4837224 is not a WP theme.

It cannot be used with WordPress as it is, and there is not a WP theme version of that item on envato.

The only option is to modify and create what you want by editing the code using whatever HTML editor you prefer, the images with photoshop or another image editor and then uploading the relevant files to the root directory of your website, as you would with any other website.

Bear in mind that as this is raw HTML and not WordPress, it will not be dynamic so for each article you want to create you will need to:

  1. Manually adjust the home page or anywhere else that it is previewed
  2. Create the article page itself as another HTML file
  3. Both of these will need to be uploaded via FTP once ready to publish

Now I understand it. One with little knowledge of the subject can not know the difference between html templates and wordpress templates. Perhaps being clearer on the subject might be a way to avoid buying things other than what you need

Is it possible to get information about what to do?

With respect, there is only so much that envato can and should do to add further clarity to the file type.

They already:

  • categorise items by things like WP, HTML, Joomla, Tumblr etc.
  • this category is again referenced on the item page itself
  • different types priced differently
  • provide item comments where buyers can sense check answers to questions with the author

If a buyer is still confused after all of that then it is unlikely that there is much else they could do to change that.

What else would you recommend to be clearer?

In your case - If you are not comfortable with HTML then the best suggestion would be to try and find a different item which is definitely a WP theme. This is a link to “news” type WP themes https://themeforest.net/category/wordpress/blog-magazine/news-editorial

It’s worth mentioning that while WP does not necessarily require any coding expertise, a degree of technical savviness is often required, especially with the advanced and extensive news type themes that contain a multitude of features and functionality.

You can try requesting a refund but technically mistaken purchases are not guaranteed grounds for it to be approved.

I just asked for instructions. If I can get them here I would be completely satisfied with the customer service of the company, otherwise I will find them elsewhere for my own affairs.

Unfortunately you won’t be able to get instructions on how to compile and edit all of the HTML.

There will be a documentation within the folder you downloaded that outlines some of the functionality and how it works but is not intended as a step by step guide.

Beyond this as mentioned above you may need to find an alternative WP theme.

If you want then you can also reach out to envato official support https://help.market.envato.com/hc/en-us/requests/new

At this point if I paid back what I spent for the html template I would use it to buy a theme for wordpress

That’s something only the author of envato support can help with - there’s a refund link our previous posts that you would need to complete