I can not change tags. Help!

After changing the tags, a message appears: Your update has been processed. But nothing changes. Help me please!

The update has to be reviewed by reviewers.

But this item not appears on deashbord with update title

Ah, I see. I’ve never updated tags, but I guess it should appear in the dashboard in the same way as when you change title?

I think you need to write something in the comment box too to make it work

I changed tags in 200 tracks last week. I know how it works. But today it’s not working!

That explains the review queue :wink:


Maybe they’ve had enough of you then, and blocked you :wink:

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Hahaha! Maybe)

So after clicking Submit Files for Review, it takes you to the item page rather than your dashboard?

Yes! to the item page!

Did it do any good? I’ve experimented with changed tags but it never seems to make much difference…:slight_smile:

I always wrote in all items Inspiration, motivation, etc, and now it seems to me stupid)

Just tested the system to see how it works. If it takes you to the item page after clicking the submit button, then that basically means no changes were made. It doesn’t count changing the order of tags as a change (if that’s what you’re trying to do).
So if you’re adding/removing tags and it still doesn’t work, then you should probably contact Envato support. (I’d try another item before I contact them)

Btw, just tried to change the tags of one of my items, didn’t have any issue.

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I need to relax. I have changed the tags on the same words in a different order. Therefore, it did not work. Thanks everyone!

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Glad I could be of assistance :smile:

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