I can not add an image

Hi, I have a problem. I can not add an image to a public profile because I do not have that option there. There is only an avatar change option. Did anyone have a similar problem? Maybe I’m doing something wrong, please help. thanks.

Do you have any items for sales? Usually this function doesn’t work for users who have no items for sales

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Thanks for the answer.
I have nothing to sell because I’m just starting to work with AJ. But I had a picture earlier and disappeared. And the function of adding an image has also disappeared. Maybe for some time, you can not have an image when you have nothing to sell?

It’s now the case that you need at least one approved item for sale before you can upload images on your profile.

Yes. I wrote. You should have at least one item in your portfolio

thanks for the help. Nice to know that you can count on your help. So I have to go to work and add some item.

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