I can announce TF and CC in my site, like a Regular Store?

Since I’ll buy one License per domain, respecting all the rules, terms, copyright and authors… I can announce TF and CC in my site — like a regular store — just to allow my clients to visually choose themes and plugins and pay in our currency with more options than PayPal?

I’ll be 100% clear about the use of premium themes and plugins and I’ll charge only for customization, support and hosting, I just want to make the process of “see, try, choose and pay” more easy and fluid and offer more payment options, since I’ll use WooCommerce for everything…

And just to be clear: I’m not talking about reselling previously purchased themes for multiple clients. I’m talking about sell one License per client — new client, new purchase.

So… it’s okay, right?


That’s no problem, as long as you’re providing customisation services as well. You can’t buy a template and just directly sell it on to somebody, even if it is one license per client… but if you’re offering the whole package, then yes, that’s no problem. And you can advertise this service externally. So yeah… no problemo!

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Oh, great! That’s exactly my point! :smiley:

It will make everything easier for my clients.

Thanks, @SpaceStockFootage