I buy theme Jobcareer Bit mere gulti was no response thame bogus mode

What is the theme purchase 8 months ago, so far the bugs have not been solved
There is no reduction in my payments so far

The author’s way of speaking is very wrong

On the change log of the item, it seems the author is fixing issues.
I’m not exactly sure what the problem is on your case but if you have purchased the item 8 months ago and if you’re still requesting support - you may not have active support period to get it from the author, you will need to pre-long it first

Apart from that from what I see from the "comments’, you’re almost on the line for “flooding” the comments and probably the author is ignoring your request. You won’t be able to get the refund fter 8 months, though…

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The main theme the author ignores is bugs.

Shoro se bolta aaha refund karde aap theme bohat kushe hajan

Author doing his own thing

Answers are not given on time, no one obeys his own street

Getting started now doesn’t work due to a theme bug
Since 3 months ticket portal is also not logging in