I broke the record, 13 days ? - processing uploads

I was wandering how long iy takes to approve my items.
I currently awaiting about 25 items for review. I just saw it has been 13 days already…that a bit longer that normal

Envato team?

Thanks you.

Create a ticket on Envato Support. That will help you to speed up.

Rise of the Machines :smile:

Blimey. Before we’d have to say “is this for Motion Graphics, After Effects or stock footage?” to give advice on the current queue length… now we have to say “is this for motion graphics, After Effects, Stock footage, sound effects, music, vectors, graphics, logos, plugins, themes, photos, or 3d models?”

But anyway… stock footage was over three weeks about a month back, so you’ll need to be waiting a bit longer to beat the record!

ok thanks for the info.
They are all stock videos.

I didnt break the record then :grinning: