I bought the wrong app, please refund this, if possible

Sorry, dear Team, i make a fault and bought the wrong application, the name of it “BeMusic” i like the tools from this author and am very sprry, that i make refund, to buy another music app. where radio and social media stil ist integrated, pleae refund this app, thank you

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basically they are going to say no.

If you haven’t downloaded the item, you can ask the refund.
If you downloaded the item already and claimed it’s wrong purchase, it’s your fault ( responsibility to purchase the correct item )

At that case, “no” is the only answer you’d get.

Only one situation can be helpful, if you’re going to buy the item from the same author, you can tell the problem to the author and purchase the new item. The author may accept your refund request for the first item after but it’s their decision. They have rights to reject the request as well as they could ask you to purchase the correct item apart from the wrong one

i dont download it

You can request a refund here.

Here is all the information about refunds:
Envato Market Refund Rules