I bought the Cretic theme, out of nowhere it's broken, with an error in the RS ADDONS plugin

The site has been online for more than a year ( www.brandesmkt.com.br ) , working perfectly, and without any updates, changes, anything in the code, or even in the content. But suddenly, without anyone changing anything, we went to access the site and it was completely white. The admin panel accesses normally, so I accessed it, updated the version of wordpress that was not up to date, and then I received an email from wordpress “Since WordPress 5.2 there is an internal feature that detects when a plugin or theme causes a fatal error on your site and notifies you with this automatic email. In this case, WordPress detected an error with your plugin: Rs Addons.” So I deactivated RS ADDONS and some things reappeared on the site, it was no longer 100% white, but the site is completely broken, things are out of place and several other things do not appear. I use the CRETIC theme from RSTHEME that I bought everything right, I sent a message to the support of RSTHEME but it’s been 1 week and no response. The site is completely broken. Can someone help me please?


Did you only update WP or did you update the theme as well?

According to the item page there was a release in November last year