I bought my ListingPro theme opted using Elementor Route - your Update uses WPBakery

When I bought my ListingPro theme, I opted for the Elementor Route, however when I finally got the chance to UPDATE MY THEME your UPDATE screwed up the little teeny-weeny customization that I learned to do. Luckily I am still in the learning stage and only customized a little bit of the Home Page. But what if I had a long list of clients all done in Elementor, and then I UPDATE and I lose everything I have done, including most of my clients who are pissed off because the site is broken/lousy/doesn’t make send and their ads are messed up !!!

Is that moral and honest? Is that ethical?

I mean because I chose the Elementor Route, it is only obvious that future UPDATES should be based on Elementor style. Your organization should have 2 types of ListingPro UPDATES. One for those who opted for the Elementor Route, and another for those who opted for the WPBakery Route. My future UPDATES link should be based on an Elementor Based UPDATE Link.

(Likewise, I am sure those folks who opted for the WPBakery Route would also expect their UPDATES to be based on the WPBakery Route, and not on the Elementor Route.)

I started learning a lot of the Elementor Tuts and I used a Child Theme from the get go, I do not want to have this fear that you guys are just going to switch between Elementor and WPBakery whenever you wish whether it is just for fun, or for a valid reason that I look forward to receiving.

Please provide me with an UPDATE link that deals with folks who make use of Elementor, and assurances that future updates using Elementor Route, will always be based on Elementor Route, not WPBakery.

Going forward your Maintenance Studio sector should have 2 UPDATE LINKS as mentioned herein. Surely it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to work that one out?
So now where to go? What to do?

(This problem is just added onto my “No Features Fault”.)

While @CridioStudio can shed more light oin this - if the update only relates to a change in one page builder then there would be no need for a second update for the other

This sounds more like a question of how customisations are being made and managed rather than the author’s updates.

Do not update the live site directly and create staging first for the update to check if there’s any issue.

Thanks Charlie4282 for your input. But you are changing my story.

I never said that I am only using Elementor as the chosen Page Builder FOR ONE PAGE ONLY. That one page effort on my part was just the beginning. Of course I intend to learn more and ‘do more’. Just because I said ‘teeny-weeny’ does not mean that’s all I will be doing?

Because I am new at this game, all I played around’ with was the dummy Home Page and I managed to learn quite a bit using the Elementor Page builder. And yes, luckily I backed up nicely and in my backup I see that Elementor is dominant in the Plugins Page. But after doing that long process of UPDATING to latest version, I see that WP Bakery has overridden Elementor – The UPDATE has swapped Elementor with WP Bakery without my consent. My Home Page looks lousy! My teeny-weeny cistomization has been hijacked! Wiped off!

Upon payment, the Setup Wizard gave me the Elementor Route.

So, I am saying in a nutshell that I used Elementor in my customization. Therefore when I click on the UPDATE link to UPDATE my Theme/ Site, I expect that the Elementor choice of Page Builder to be secured in place, ESPECIALLY as I used Child Theme from the get-go! But all I see is a whole lot of WP Bakery plugins, no Elementor type plugins. Why is it all about ‘WP Bakery’ in the Plugins sector.

That’s another mystery. Why is it that my Home Page in the UPDATED version is not the same as the Home Page in my CHILD-THEME-THAT-IS-SUPPOSED-TO-BE-LOCKED-IN by way of using a Child Theme? This can only be because of the insertion of WP Bakery.

Remember, I am the newbie here, and you are the intellectual super smart guys and yet I am the one that comes with good logic and common sense!

(Believe me, so far in my experience, I notice that Moderators just don’t concentrate properly enough in analyzing/ dealing with questions, problems and errors as described by the Theme purchaser. I often have to ‘over-explain’ simple queries and even when I send graphic illustrations, some don’t even bother to read the notes on them)

Surely if your organization gives one a ‘choice’ at Setup Wizard level, as to which Page Builder to use, then you have to futuristically ‘ascertain’ which ListingPro Theme purchasers opted for Elementor Route and send them future UPDATE LINKS for Elementor based site.

Likewise those ListingPro Theme purchasers who opted for the WP Bakery Route should get their future UPDATE LINKS based on their choice of WP Bakery usage. They too, would get angry if their chosen WP Bakery was swapped for Elementor.

It makes sense to me that futuristically, your organization should ‘know’ somewhere perhaps from the ‘backend’ admin coding side of your design I suppose, which Page Builder was opted for by the purchaser. Otherwise you should send all ListingPro purchasers 2 UPDATE LINKS, (not that they must upload both) just so that they can make the choice, (after all, they know which route they chose) with a notification message labelling them as an Elementor Based Update Link, or a WP Bakery based Update Link.

Then the purchaser will choose the correct UPDATE link.

How many others out there in the vast WWW have experienced the same problem as I have? I mean I was all excited doing my first ever UPDATE and was super keen to continue with my development, but that inspiration was killed when WP Bakery hijacked and killed Elementor!

I look forward to your reply.

I look forward to whatever protocols can be put into place to ensure that futuristically the Setup Wizard’s choice of Page Builder is opted for cannot be changed period! Thank you for your assistance and that of all others.

See attached graphic illustration.!
Elementor Route chosen from the get-go with the Setup Wizard|185x500

Many thanks to all.
If you wish, I can send graphic screenshots of how my Home Page looks like before & after updating to latest version.?

For clarity we are all just volunteers and envato do not create any of the themes sold on themeforest. These are the responsibility of the authors.

Your best option is to contact them who I am sure can offer a solution

“Exciting news! The transition from Elementor to WPBakery in the latest Update for the ListingPro theme opens up a new avenue of design possibilities. WPBakery brings a user-friendly interface and additional features to enhance your website building experience. While the change might require a bit of adjustment, the versatility and functionalities provided by WPBakery can add a fresh dynamic to your listings. Embrace the update, explore the new design options, and unlock even more potential for customization. It’s a strategic move to keep your website current and in tune with the evolving landscape of WordPress development.”