I bought Book store. I want to know how to customise the same. If any one can help me on this i shall be much thankful to you

i bought Bookstore - Responsive Joomla Ecommerce Template. Can any one help me how to configure the template and customise the same. Is there any document to download to understand

Hi @sundhar_v,

Welcome to the forums! I’m pretty sure that @JoomlaBuff has included documentation in the download, however if it’s missing for some reason, you need to contact template author:


No i tried in the zip file and i am unable to find out any help kind of document. Also it says the the authot name is M MATHESWARAN (JoomlaBuff), Bhavani, Tamilnadu, , 638301, India. there is no contact details given or his mail id. Nothing. I am suffering a lot on this and wasted money buying this templae uncessarily

if anybody can help me how to start on this in local XAMPby way of step by step,
i shall be very much thankful.

Again, you should contact the author using link provided above. Unfortunately I can’t provide any more help on general forums.


Hello @sundhar_v This is Vijayanand from JoomlaBuff, Thank you so much for choosing our Bookstore for your Project. If you want to know how to customize our bookstore theme, Please find the Documentation file inside your downloaded Zip file. Just UnZip the Zip file which you downloaded from ThemeForest to get the Documentation file.

If you still need our help please create a Support Ticket in our help desk here. we are always love to help you :slight_smile:

Thanks & Regards
Vijayanand Madheswaran