I bought an item which have all MOV file currupted [need help for fix or refund]

I purchased an After Effect template [Cooking Program Show Pack] for $26 and downloaded the file.

But upon extracting all the stock MOV files are corrupted and unable to import in AE, now I don’t have clue where to reach out for a refund or fix the issue, dropped a message to the author but no response.

Please help.

Thank you


May be the file was encoded as a Quicktime MOV file, which is a standard video codec. It sounds like you do not have the codecs installed and might be trying to play back the video in a window’s native media player.

Please try to download and install the Quicktime player from Apple to have the codecs installed. Similarly, if you open the file in a video editing program, it should play fine.

Hope will help you. Also hope author will reply you soon.