I bought a Themes but can´t install ;-(



I bought the Themes - GetFit- Gym Fitness Multi… because I want to create a small website for our sports club. But when I try the Themes - GetFi in the WordPress upload I only get the hint: Are you sure you want to do that? Please try again.
I have it then tries to upload via FTP, I now have, an error message in WordPress: It lacks a stylesheet

The Theme seem incompatible with my WordPress, but why do I use version 4.2.3 …

Does somebody has any idea?

Thank you




Make sure you do not upload the whole archive that you’ve downloaded. Extract the contents of the archive and upload the file named getfit.zip from the upload folder.


“Are you sure…” is a hosting issues

“Missing stylesheet” - either download “installable wordpress file only” and install via tour admin or if you want to do it via ftp use “All files” download and make sure you have extracted ONLY the theme folder from there


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Help!! I’m having issues uploading the Rhythm theme. I am only offered these three options and I need the one that says ‘Installable WordPress file only’. I keep getting a ‘missing stylesheet’ error message.

  1. All files and documentation
  2. License certificate and purchase code (PDF)
  3. License certificate and purchase code (text)

In the help options it says there should be an option called, Installable WordPress file only.

Is this theme no longer supported on the WP.org platform?

Please let me know as soon as possible; please email me at michelle@scottddavis.com.


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Hello Scovismusic,

Inside ‘All files and documentation’ you’ll find the main theme. The author of the theme may be the right person to help you with this, did you consider sending them an email? Since this is an open forum.

If you have trouble locating the wordpress theme send me a mail at admin@isotopethemes.com


If those are the only options you see then you have not bought a WP theme. 99% sure that you sure trying to install the HTML version?


Yeah, you click on ‘all files and documentation’ from your downloads page. That will download a zip file. You then unzip that and in there you will find the zip file that you need to upload to your site. The locations and name of that zip file will, or should be, detailed in the help files whioch will be somewhere in the folder you just unzipped.


Not if I am right and it is not the WP version. If you paid $17 for the file then it is just the HTML version and it will never work in WordPress no matter what files you use from it. (without of course customization to suit the platform).

You bought by any chance?

WordPress Version


Yes, im know how to install… But it dot working :joy:


is this the same thread - or are you talking about a different file now? (account names look different from original post).


Small mistake, Sorry