I bought a theme and the installation doesn't work

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I bought a theme last night and the installation doesn’t work.
The site is brand new, I installed WP only 3 days ago and nothing has been done yet.
So, since the theme installation isn’t working, I made a parallel request to support, uninstalled WP and tried again to see if the problem wasn’t with WP, but in the end nothing changed.
The problem with the installation is that it fails because it says that a .css file is missing.

To solve this problem, the support (it’s an independent) asked me for my WP admin access codes.
I find this odd, but since I don’t have anything on my site, I give it to him.

This morning he told me he’d like the access code to my cPanel.
I think it’s getting a bit too intrusive for a .css file.

So I’d like to know if it’s normal for support to ask you for all your access codes, although I can understand that for many users who don’t understand anything, it’s easier for support to go and find the problem directly at source?

Is this standard procedure?
Should I be wary?
How do I contact Envanto support if I want my money back?

Thank you

Assuming it is a theme and not a template kit then see here:

Hi Wawanco,

This error occurs when the file you are trying to upload into WordPress is not a valid theme file. Please go back to your downloads page and download the theme again, making sure to select “Installable WordPress file only.”

If you don’t see this option, then you may have purchased an item which is not compatible with WordPress. I would suggest contacting the author of the item you purchased to see if they offer a WordPress version and can help you exchange it.

If it’s a template kit then check this https://help.market.envato.com/hc/en-us/articles/360038112932-How-to-use-the-Template-Kit-Import-plugin-from-Envato-to-Install-Elementor-Template-Kits

Hope this helps!

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Finally I solve the problem alone with a french Youtube tuto.

The good zip file for instal the theme was inside the zip file I download.

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