I bought a template for $6. I can't edit it. Really? Customize for $20?!?

I hope I am an idiot and just haven’t figured this out but I purchased a flyer for my business thinking I could add my info to it. But all that was sent to me was a bunch of “samples” that I couldn’t edit. How is this different from the previews I saw when I was shopping?

I think that I can help you.
Can you show me the flyer that you bought?

It will depend on the item you bought (what’s the link?) but most flyers will be editable.

You should ask the author if possible.

Wait, it might NOT be possible? What’s the point of such flyer then?

Charlie was not saying “ask the author if it is possible”, he was saying “if you can, ask the author about it”. :stuck_out_tongue:


Oh, makes sense now. Thanks.

I’m going to assume that the op doesn’t have the required software to edit the included files. But still… best to contact the author, see if they can help.


Make sure you follow the steps provided in help file.Usually,the author provide links to assets used and informations about the software you need to edit it.