I bought a joomla theme and I have not received support in these first months and additional does not allow updates

Good evening.
I Buy Relion Multi-Purpose Joomla! Template and after installing it try to update the components and Joomla but everything is damaged, apparently the updates are not compatible. When he bought it he said he had:

  1. Quality checked by Envato
  2. Included: Future updates
  3. Included: 6 months support from HighThemes

Still have not passed the 6 months of support I wrote them immediately almost the other day of purchase and this has not answered me after four months.

What I can do? I see that Item removed by either staff or the author. What can I do since it was assumed that I had future updates included and the site is already running but with a Joomla version of 2016, since updates can not be made.

Hey @jasabogal,

This is an unusual situation, but it can happen as the quality team endeavours to keep the files available on market at a high standard.

The next steps from here will be to reach out to the Envato Support team who will be the best placed to assist you.

Let us know how you go.