I believe that I'm NOT in fact a Robot.

I’m pretty sure I’ve proven that by now I am not a robot. Yet I’m being bombarded by constant ReCaptcha verifications. It makes me wonder if there’s a download limit (despite being an unlimited elements customer) that triggers a ReCaptcha for every download after the limit is reached to sneakily thwart people who downloading more than Envato wants. Maybe that’s a bit more of a malicious assumption than is true. But it’s how it feels.

I checked the forums and saw it happened to others, a year ago. But they couldn’t get through to support, as is why I’m posting before attempting to contact support.

Has anyone experienced this?


I have experienced this too. After about 250 downloads I became a robot… Is it a new kind of Turing test?
VERY annoying.

Who do you reach for this problem. This is happening to me as well. It just happened today and my download amount is 1270 since last year.

This is very annoying! Please, deactivate ReCaptcha or we will cancel our subscription. Thank you

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Very very annoying. I tried clearing my cache and cookies. Didn’t help.

@studio @larsvegas that’s a lot of downloads! How many projects do you have going on?! But still… contact support, I’m sure they can give you an official response/reason.

Hi yes. Some of us creators use a VERY high amount of sound effects for videos. Hence do I for my YouTube channel. Anyway, check out this post I wrote on it detailing the problem as long with some suggestions that the developers NEED to implement to make sure HONEST customers aren’t effected:


Love Elements :heart_decoration: . Got to agree with what everyone else has already said, the new CAPTCHA prompts are challenging and definitely affect the user experience of the site in a negative fashion at the moment.

As a long term subscriber, I have downloaded, on average, 75 items per month. I’ve only just started seeing the CAPTCHA prompts this month so perhaps I recently crossed some kind of total file download threshold? Either way, this all seems a little harsh or even contradictory when the entire premise and tagline of the service is Unlimited downloads for a single fee. It’s certainly a shame and inconvenience for longtime, legitimate users, but totally get it if there are any users abusing the service in any way.

Knowing Envato, I’m sure they are either simply experimenting or now realize that they need to tweak the original download limit algorithm(s) (if indeed they ever had any) now that the service is mature and many users are now reaching original thresholds which are no longer relevant. I trust they will get the balance right in good time. Good luck, and fingers crossed this can be addressed soon! :crossed_fingers:


Hi all!

See this post from the Elements Engineering Manager over in @slove892’s other thread on this topic - it looks like a recent bug was causing the CAPTCHAs to be presented to all users, but that should now be fixed. Download behaviour should be back to normal.

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Damn! Doesn’t this number make Elements authors rethink their choice? This is just insane…


yea, it’s nuts… but that was kind of expected when they offer unlimited downloads… instead of decreasing pirates (like they did before), they increased piracy by thousands… bravo!

Hey @DanielKeller, long time no see, hope all is well! :slight_smile:

I’ve downloaded 1,800+ items in 2 years all for legitimate projects. Just wanted to vouch for the genuine Elements customers who are using their subscription for legitimate purposes. Video editors in particular can churn through a lot of stock video, photos, and audio very quickly for each project.

Take a look at the Fair Use Policy @BenLeong shared - it looks like Envato have measures in place to monitor and respond to any abuse of the subscription service to protect the best interests of the community. :thumbsup:


hi Scott,
true, yea everything’s fine, hope for you too!

I have no doubt that many customers use Elements legally, including you.
But there’s probably enough people that abuse it even with rules in place, there’s no doubt it’s spreading like a forest fire at this point. And there’s also the items losing in value because of the unlimited downloads… and the advertisement Envato is doing on their own marketplaces.

That just leaves me a sour taste and makes me reconsider if Stock or Envato itself isn’t for me anymore. Which also means stop lurking in the forums. :stuck_out_tongue:

Somebody get the man a lurker community badge! :wink:


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