I authorize a refund

Hi all,

Envato staff, please give the refund to the user related to ticket 400847.


  1. I’m the seller. I should be able to authorize this [period]

  2. I wasn’t able to reproduce the problem the user said. I’m able to troubleshoot and provide assistance as long as is a reasonable request inside the terms of support, plus I’m polite and I expect the same from the other part (luckily, around 99% of customers are polite). I guess I reached that 1% :slightly_smiling:

  3. I don’t tolerate users who think they do me a favor when they pay for a commercial product. A buyer pay for my work, and also get free support (no matter how Envato called in the statement). The commission I get is the reward for my work and assistance.

To complement number 3, this is a quote from the customer:

And tell me please, why must some of Evanto team must write to you, to can you gift me with your attention? Isnt that i give you 43$ for onepage enought?

In short, I authorize the refund for this user, of course I expect he can’t rate the item neither continue using my template (since this refund means he got it for free).


I applaud you for that. I really do. My RESPECT.


Thanks for your kind words, @creativeisG!

I’m disappointed. I’m the seller but I can’t even authorize a refund, that relies on Envato. I said this based on the recent Envato support replies on ticket 400847.

That being said, can I deny support to this customer?

Hi Valentin,

I understand your issue but you can’t make everyone happy. Just simply advice him/her to contact the support and don’t contact directly. Support team should handle the case.

My two cents,



Hi Yigit,

You’re right, however I find kind of ironic that being a seller doesn’t give me the permission to authorize a refund.


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It’s difficult when a customer has a problem that you can’t reproduce, it can be something completely out of your control, like a misconfigured server. All you can do is offer a refund if the customer is angry about it. I’ve just had my first case of something I couldn’t help with and referred the customer for a refund.

Give them the normal assistance you provide every other customer. If the issue is with their setup or servers, tell them this and insist, all it takes is just a short response:

Hi, due to my scope and limitations here in my end, I am unable to reproduce your issue as it is specific to you and your environment. If you are able to find out what the issue is please let us know and we will be happy to assist further.

Bottom line, continue to be polite and do what you can within what is reasonable. This is a business transaction, there is no place for taking it personal. What’s wrong with rude customers? You cannot choose your customers.

Moreover, try to understand how frustrating it feels when things are not working the way they should be even when it’s not your fault because when your not working, you are a customer too, so surely you can relate.

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You’ve put that perfectly and most customers are reasonable and would accept that. However a small minority of customers would not be happy with that response. What do you say after saying that and they disagree and are angry?

It is not of much use to go into what if’s. The OP said 1%. The what if of 1% is even smaller and not worth losing sleep over. Just do what is within your capacity, this is my approach.

I’m not close to half the sales of OP so perhaps dealing with as many customers might change my stream of thought but so far, i’ve not had to give refunds even once and still standing :+1:

After 10000+ sales, first time I met with a customer who threatened to sue me for not providing a customization service for free… You can not stand forever :smirk_cat:


Lucky you, I got one customer who is asking for 3/4 customization every other day, including customizing woocommerce plugin, after only 50 sales! I really wish there was an option for authors to initiate a refund so that we could live without fear of being blackmailed or surrendering to unlimited customizations.

Just point them to the “support” tab on your item and refuse to do further customizations. Then tell them they can find someone from studio.envato.com

Staff will have your back if you get a bad rating from this. Just keep a record of everything, and keep all messages short, polite and to the point.

Thank you dtbaker, do you know if ticksy support tickets count as records, because client verifies their support ticket and it connect via Envato API, so my thought is it would count, am I right?