I ask your recommendations for optimizing my work.

Hello! I have been an author for several years, but I don’t earn either completely or almost. Yes, many tracks (especially at the beginning of the portfolio) are pretty awful, but there are not bad ones. The last few, in my understanding, are quite competitive, but they are the ones that have zero sales. Maybe someone will give me useful tips on what to primarily pay attention to in music.

Well, in general, how are you? How are you November?

Hello @QuijoSound

We are fine, Thanks

November and December are most for holidays, So there may selling down in this days, you can make unique items and share on social medias for increase sale

Thanks :slight_smile:

Hello @QuijoSound ! Thank you, great!
You have good musical works (I listened to several tracks ), nice design. November to my surprise beats all records of the worst month this year for me. I think you need somewhere else to further promote your tracks (for example, YouTube, Soundcloud, etc.) because there are more and more authors every year, competition is higher, and there are new changes every month. Good luck!

For my portfolio, apparently, all year November and December. Thank you! Good sales to you :wink:

Thank you! Yes, social.networks, perhaps, need. I guess I’m not the only one without money :smile:
Let’s not lose heart, good luck!


Don’t loose your hope, Try hard you will also success and become elite and power elite author :smiley:

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Upload one NOT BAD item a day
And everything’s gonna be OK :slight_smile:

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That easy?! In my opinion, this is cheating.:grin:

Cheating? Explain pls

It was a joke…:wink: