I ask for help! Tell me - why did the Audiojungle reject my track?

Is it so bad?

For this hard reject without an explanation of the reason.
Perhaps the reviewer had a bad mood or a headache? In this case, this is a biased review. I want look in to him (her) eyes!

Really bad background for video ?:

And, in general, where can I read how the reviewing is going on? Is it doing by one person? If so, then this mean devil knows what.

First of all, let me say I really like the sound! It’s a cool track, but in my opinion, you made a few decisions that took it from 100% good down to 80%.

• I would remove the lead synth (first at 0:05) completely. It doesn’t need to be replaced with anything else. It sounds out of place. It jumps out (in a bad way in my opinion) every time it’s played.

• I don’t like the new sounds at 1:02 too much. I would replace them with something very mellow (a small pluck or something), or nothing at all.

• The ending drum fill is a bit unnecessary. It feels like we’re going into a new section, but instead the track ends.

• I think the beat is a bit to powerful to call it ambient. I like the beat, and the fat sound, but maybe call it something else and put it in another category.

That is all! Best of luck.

Dear colleague, I will try to express my opinion. I think that the main reason for rejecting your track is to put it mildly, the “nonformat” of this audiostoke. Your track is generally quite good but “non-format”. Listen to the tracks of the top authors and try to understand and catch the style and format. You are already on the right track. You will succeed and you will have good sales!

I made the track “Stomp Hybrid” and received a “hard rejected” but to another service -approved and customers buy it.

“Aj” keeps those customers who need a “template” tracks, and clients who need original music (like this) do not come to us,and quite a lot of them. “Aj” will take 100 of the same tracks, but interesting and original is “reject”. in the end, if a customer wants to find something original, he doesn’t wouldn’t see an ad there is nothing among this heap of “plagiarism” and will go to other website. That’s the whole logic.

Many thanks for the comments.
Do you think I can re-submit this track if I change it, considering almost all of your recommendations (except drums and bass – I’ll keep them as is)?
Will not this be a violation of the rules for which I will be banned?
And one more question – tell me, please, to what category would it be better to send it? I’m just starting here and it’s difficult for me to understand.
Thanks again.

Thank you.
I begin to understand that here it is necessary to «write songs» as on a template.
And the template is “worked out” by top authors. Do as we do, do better than us and you will be happy! :slight_smile:
You take a step to the left, a step to the right is a hard reject…

It seems that this is true.

If possible, tell me what service it is.
Probably in a personal message, is not it?
Thank you very much, good mood and sales!