I am worry some....

I am a deaf person, I use google translate from Spanish to English.
Being a deaf person, I have problems writing well in Spanish since I usually use Chilean sign language.

there is a moderator who does not understand me because google translate does not translate correctly and that makes my message misunderstood.

What other online translators are good apart from google translate?
and help me to feel better because of my deafness.

I cannot live in peace and I hope to solve it soon.
thank you very much and greetings to all.


You write very well here on the forum… :slight_smile:


My husband was helping me write better.

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Hi JeriTeam,

I think you could state it to the reviewers every time you modify your items. I say every time because more than one reviewer can review your work, and sometimes the same reviewer can forget that it is you. Write something discreet on the top of your messages, like:

(I’m deaf and need to translate Spanish to English, sorry my English)

This way I think reviewers will sympathize and be more tolerant about English errors.

Here alternative Online translation services:





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Thank you webdesigntrade

Now I’m going to write a lot better Bing Microsoft Translator. Regards.


Hi @JeriTeam ,

Don’t worry just try to improve your translate. and hope your item reviewer will consider your translation for you.

You can check what you are trying to write in Three steps:

  1. at first translate Spanish to English using any translate service as like google translate
  2. then copy the the English translate and now convert the English into Spanish and check that your language meaning is fine or not.
  3. if above steps 2 is fine with your translate then you can use the English part for your need.

In short double check Spanish to English then English to Spanish to make sure your language meaning is correct.



Thank you :slight_smile:

I hope it works English for anything forum :slight_smile:

I would recommend getting the free version of Grammarly as well. It will not only spell check everything you type online, but also give some suggestions on fixing grammar and punctuation. You could also get one of the paid versions that will help with choosing better words for certain situations and just make everything you write overall easier to read and understand. Though the free version should be enough.

Don’t worry too much about it though. I noticed that most people on this forum are not native English speakers, and things such as grammar, word usage, and formality are often incorrect, so you’re definitely not alone in this.

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Thank you :slight_smile:

but your writing here is quite spot on. and unfortunately, when it comes to accuracy google translate the best there is, with its machine learning and all

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thank you

on the other hand, you may try a little unorthodox methods like using grammarly for small texts or getting pro essay writer help for business writings, articles, etc.

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Yes, I know but other author say me same that you.

thank you :slight_smile:

you have a good day.

Microsoft Translator

Providing both personal and business versions, It’s a smart translation app available for Windows, Android, and iOS. It helps you translate texts, images, and voice translations for more than 60 languages. It provides integration with other Microsoft applications like MS Office and Skype. It’s available as an app for Smart-watches as well.

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