I am walking in to the Envato shop...Hi, how can I help you? - Envato has no help here...!

With 3,234 web templates, and not exactly useful searching, how can I find what I am looking for? You have no “shop attendants” to help the customers to find what they are looking for.

Can someone contact me so I can explain what I am looking for, and if you have it, I will buy it.

Best regards,
A lost shop visitor…

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Can you write what exactly you’re looking for?
People will try to help you.

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Hi, Thanks for replying so quickly!

I am looking for a HTML5 (not WordPress) template for products. No eCommerce, just presentation of products. A front/landing page, and then separate pages for each products. Quite basic.

The front page needs a header, A wide column, and a right hand side column for events etc, and a footer. Viewable automatically somehow on a desktop screen and phones, tablets etc.

Here is a good example of the main column scroll-able independently of the left column. They are both independently scroll-able. And content I don’t want to be linked between the columns.

This concept of the text and information. Header, main column, smaller column to the right, and a footer. Really basic. But I can not find any HTML template like this…anyone having any suggestions? It would be very much appreciated.
Additional features are of course welcome, but that is the basic structure I am looking for. For the front/landing page. Each product page can be really spaced out.

Best regards!

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Here is the list of e-commerce HTML templates sorted from the newest:

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For clarity - aside from the challenge of scale and how to accurately define requirements, Envato do not own the items for sale here, they are simply the marketplace.

Because of this they are not be able to provide balanced suggestions for items.

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I Understand.
With 3,234 web templates, it is just not enough days in the year to browse them! I need to find some other place where the templates are better organized.


If you read my post,you will find that I asked for non-eCommerce. I need to find some other place where the templates are better organized.


Hi @Ledogen,

Consider to re-think, there are not many places with a large asset of HTML templates (and with such quality) like you see on Themeforest, you are underestimating the marketplace because you have not found your item yet. Try to vary your search words. The search engine logic works based on keywords/tags registered by the developers themselves, this is not related to Themeforest.

Anyway, good look for you :slightly_smiling_face:

Most HTML Templates are the same…just a different business. Seems like everyone is copying each other and placing it hre to sell…making it the biggest market place… of all the same!

I can not find what I am looking for here. I will pay someone out of here to find what I want.

Lazy developers…?

I would say, most themes are based on general trends. Each one may require customization as per your requirement. Like you have stated you like the ada fruit which has scrollable section while keeping another section fixed. Now this can be achieved by any developer/theme customizer by modifying the code. You need to select a theme which you like in terms of design and then just customize it as per your requirement.

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2 months later, and still searching…I contacted Fiverr…not much response, most want to do WordPress based stuff. I do not want WordPress. Why so little HTML5?